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Exchange 2010 Recover Server

So recently I have had the opportunity to try and recover Exchange in a real world DR plan.  Turns out recovering Exchange 2010 was actually fairly easy.  Having a good backup also made a world of difference I am sure. I should also mention for this type of recovery a Second AD server is required to be functioning, once again I I was lucky we had an offsite DC with the information I needed to bring up exchange.

The Process went like this:

Install a Server, in my Case I installed a Type 2 Hypervisor, as I had limited Physical hardware to work with. The server you install MUST be exactly the same version as you were running on your original production server.  Also the Version of Exchange 2010 MUST be the same, if you are running SP2 you need SP2 if you are Running SP3 you need SP3.  To get this just download the required service pack, this includes everything you need to run setup.

In order to check your version log into Active directory find your original computer object for your exchange server right click and select properties, then select the operating System Tab, this will show which version of Server Exchange was running on.

While you are here you can right click on the object and click reset account, as you need to use the same computer name for your new server.

Now that the information is collected.  Installed the proper version of server for the environment.\

Set your static IP.

Complete your updates.

Name your server the same as it was before.

Join your server to the domain.

Install your prerequisites for exchange 2010

The next step is to use ADSI edit to find the path your exchange server is in refer to this article

If you are not installed to the default directory you will need to use the /Targetdir switch

In my situation I ran the following command initially from an elevated command prompt

setup /m:RecoverServer /TargetDir: “E:\Program files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\v14″

This actually failed with an invalid path, it returned that I was trying to use the following path E:,Program files,Microsoft,Exchange Server,v14 not sure why it inserted the commas, nevertheless I found a way around this issue.


I opened an elevated powershell window and switched to the install directory then ran

.\setup /m:RecoverServer /TargetDir: “E:\Program files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\v14″

This ran successfully

After some time the unattended setup completed successfully.

Restarted the server, I then copied the Databases and log files into the Mailbox Location where they originally were opened EMC, and mounted the databases.  Restarted one more time, and everything was up and running.

I did run into an issue where I had the wrong version of exchange, and the install failed half way telling me I needed to use SP3, when I grabbed the proper install files, Setup told me exchange was not installed in this environment. I ended up dis-joining the machine, then resetting the computer object again, then rejoining to the domain.  I was then able to run the command successfully with the proper version.

Also make sure you are logged in with your domain account, and not the local administrator account.



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