We look up at the same stars , and see such different things.  –George R.R. Martin


VMUG Leader Summit
  Find your Adventure

Part 1


Stepping out of my comfort zone

VMUG is so much more I am finding out, than “Just a user group”  Don’t get me wrong the content is amazing which is why I stepped up to be a leader of the Edmonton chapter, after it had been dormant for the last few years. 

VMUG is teaching me new skills that I can transfer to my everyday career and life. Becoming a Leader I have learned to be outside my comfort zone, I have started toastmasters and I am a little less fearful of talking to people.

This week I had the opportunity to start a bigger adventure for myself, and was invited out to the VMUG leader summit.  What an amazing journey, it was surreal to me to be sitting in the VMware Campus listening to Pat Gelsinger (CEO of VMware) share with us information on public speaking, and hearing a little about VMwares direction.  Listening to Michael Roy who I believe manages the fusion team talk about SRE (site reliability engineering).  Hearing Chris McCain who is an amazing public speaker, talk about how to become a better speaker.  There is so much more, and I may need to separate each section into its own blog post at some point.

Meeting so many amazing people this week I can not thank the VMUG staff, and VMUG board enough for the opportunities I have had.

One thing I heard over and over this weekend is how important k8s (kubernetes) is.  This continuously brought up a book call the Phoenix Project I believe I heard reference to it 7 or 8 times.  Having five hours in the airport I stopped by the book store, and found the book.  I will be reading it on my journey home.  Made some amazing friends this week and I hope to keep in touch.  It’s time now to go find my gate so I shall end Part 1 here.


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